My name is Ambra. I am a stay home mom of 6 kids, foster kids, 1 foreign exchange student, 2 dogs and now(thanks to my wonderful mom) 2 ducks (lol). Needless to say, my house is none stop with craziness. We are a family with one income so we have to watch our spending so i like to find the best deals possible. On a side note… I love to cook! Like LOVE it, so I will random blog about different cooking things that I have found. I’m pretty outgoing and I would say fun to be around ( no one better comment on that lol). I’m sure my blog will be full of random stuff, misspelled words, horrible english and lots of cajun words like yall (born and raised in the south). Anyways, I hope yall enjoy my blog. I pretty much talk exactly like you think when you read this.

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