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So before we even get started, this is not a rant about Lularoe or anything like that. I actually love Lularoe and own a few outfits. But lets face it.. Lularoe is pretty expensive. Like i said.. I own a few but reality how do people afford to keep buying it? $60 for an outfit.. ouch! Let me just say, Lularoe has some really cute patterns and I LOVE the wild pattern designs. I know I’m not the only one who loves Lularoe but can’t afford it. Being a stay home mom of 7 kids… yeah.. our budget gets pretty tight some times. And if we are being really honest…. I much rather spend $60 on a babysitter for a night out or heck, I’ll even take a night out a Taco Bell as long as its quiet. LOL

This post is in no way shape or form saying do not buy Lularoe. If you can afford it, buy it! I’m all about supporting local businesses. There are a lot of people out there supporting their families from selling Lularoe. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people.

Ok..Ok.. so here is the kicker. I really love the style and designs and I mean, hey… we all want to be in style so… I went on a mission. To find leggings and designs that look like Lularoe but affordable. Best place…. yep you got Honestly, I find the best deals and its kinda hard to beat the free shipping! Just a note: I would NEVER recommend anything that doesn’t have good reviews. I do my best to find the best!

Let the fun begin!

I found this SUPER cute shirt that I would say is a mix between an Irma and perfect tee. Get this… its ONLY $14.99!! Its comes in 41 different colors and ranges from Small to XXX-Large. If your a Primer… FREE shipping!ALL FOR YOU Women’s V-Neck Flare Tunic Top Mint X-Large

These leggings… yall!! They have the CUTEST paisley print!! Along with 41 other prints! And guess what.. they are only $12.99!! These are super soft just like Lularoe!Printed Leggings (Purple White Paisley)

Here is some of same prints in plus size  Lularoe leggings are $25.. with these kind of savings, you can buy more!!PLUS SIZE Printed Brushed Leggings (Dreamy Uprising)

Just like the Carly but also comes in long-sleeve! These comes in 10 colors which are plain but… they offer long sleeve as well as short sleeve. I love that cause during the winter, I had to wear a jacket with my Carly. If you work in a office that loves the AC being on full blast (lol), now you can get you one in long sleeve instead of bringing an extra jacket with you. Only $18.99!!They come in Small to X- Large MOLERANI Women’s Short Sleeve Summer Swing Tank Sundress

I still have some research to do and will add another blog post with more options and links. I hope yall enjoyed reading and shopping. Just remember, you don’t have to go broke to look cute and stay up the newest trends.

Much Love~



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